A word with the same meaning as cool, it is the exact opposite to Brickwall
Mr. T:Look at my new car
Bob: Thats totally Bobcat
by -timmy-eugine- March 21, 2007
A man who goes down. UK slang....
perhaps refering to the view a lady has of a gentlemans head "bobbing" between her legs when he performs the sacred act.
"I ain't no bobcat, I don't like the smell, that sh!t make a boy feel unwell"
by KS August 08, 2004
1. A codeword for 'stop talking' or 'stfu' usually used regarding personal topics.

2. Can also be used in place of "don't ever repeat this information to ANYONE"
1. Girl A - "So how big is your boyfriend's 'you know what'?"
Girl B - "WOW BOBCAT!"

2. "I think I have a big crush on Mike... BOBCAT."
by Scosu December 21, 2008
An older gay male who is sexually interested in young men. Similar to a cougar. The 'bob' denotes male while the 'cat' implies the cougar-like tendencies.
Conrad is having his birthday at '2 Dollar Bills', I'm sure there will be a few Bobcats there.
by H. Blonde July 17, 2008
Fury cat that lives in the woods. Wears a fancy hat and has sex with women.
Go in the woods after dark and Bobcat will kill you
by EngineJim December 08, 2003

A woman between the ages of 25- 35 when seen through the beer goggles appears to be a cougar. Her mediocrity in appearance is not worthy of cougar status. She has upheld an entry level position for all of her career and her means of transportation is often a Vespa scooter.

She tries her hardest to stick her claws in young stallions but is often shot down several times throughout the evening. She often preys on the drunkest male who in turn believes they have landed a cougar!

She prowls around the bars sippin the ever so classy Budlight Aluminums, which she hands out to her prey like candy on Halloween. Instantly love stricken the drunk male believes he is landing his 1st Cougar. Eager to gloat to his friends this male is reminded that he has indeed settled for a BobCat, the bottom feeder and lowest on the FoodChain
The next morning he awoke with a smile recalling his feat of landing a cougar, only to roll over and shriek at the BobCat in his bed.

She pranced around the bar with the body of a cougar, but the face of a BobCat.
by doubleonenine September 16, 2007
A woman in her 20s who is chased by or chases older men usually in their 30s and 40s. The opposite of a "cougar"
Ashley is a bobcat at 22 and loves dating guys in their 30s and has an adoring fan club of men over the age of 30. Cougars, go for it. You can have all the 20 something guys you want
by valleygirl86 December 14, 2008
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