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When a chick deep throats a guy, he gives her an Adam's Apple; cock sucking
Many chicks go Bobbing-for-Apples on/with Ron Jeremy!
by MOCO & P-Phat February 11, 2011
14 3
When a female gives head while the male is sitting in a hottub or pool. Giving the illusion that she is "bobbing for apples".
"Dude, did you see Allison and Roger last night?"
"Yea, she was totally bobbing for apples."
by jimbleboot May 05, 2010
20 8
during anal sex, you pull out and the hole is open wide, then you pop your penis back in and again pull it all the way out; this is repeated several times.
many pornos have this.
by HPB April 06, 2003
24 23
When a girl goes down on u underwater
That girl was bobbing for apples in the hot tub on me last night.
by ShaneH Fap January 28, 2011
7 7
Shopping, searching, scouting, etc. for Apple products to buy.
My old iPod broke yesterday, so I went to the electronics store to go bobbing for apples. That new iPhone sure looks nice...
by TheLightOfDay1 October 06, 2011
6 7
where a female is blind folded and on her knees and a male stands over her head and while blind folded the female has to try to suck the males balls
Tamantha went bobbing for apples with Tyron.
by CarfagnoFazio September 10, 2006
8 19
When a male inserts one or more of his testicles into a female's anus and proceeds to have intercourse with her while his testicles remain engulfed in her rectum.
I'm gonna try this shit (bobbing for apples) at home...
by Nicklaus October 23, 2006
5 25