A very special person who i am thinking about right this moment... and last moment... and the moment before that... and i know in the next few moments... this gorgeous person will still me on my mind. gosh i love him.
Bobbie a moment to moment inspiration <3
by PotteryBarn July 01, 2010
a disgusting, whore who is a big fat asshole and has a dick in her mouth at all times. ps stop throwing shit you ass munch! =p
bobbie mullener
by dick bag cunt whore December 21, 2010
A disgusting monster of a "girl" who constantly makes people gag when they're around her. Normally smells of the cat crap that constantly surrounds her house, and black guy penis. She usually has a giant greasy forehead and never puts any effort into how she looks. Lies more than anyone on the face of the earth and has the personality of a donut. No, donuts are better than that. The personality of raw pork. Stay away from things like this.
Omg, that Bobbie chick is absolutely repulsive.
by NewYorkNelly April 26, 2011
A person who is old.
A person who has passed their prime of biddiedom.
A person who can no longer hit.
A cougar.
Not yet a mobbie.
She turned 22, she can't hit, she's officially a bobbie. rip.
by bobbie.rip April 02, 2009
A hoagie (or sub, grinder, hero, etc.) made with fresh turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mayonnaise. "Thanksgiving on a roll." It is well known through out the Mid-Atlantic and was conceived in 1976 as the signature sandwich at a shop in Delaware called Capriotti's. The Bobbie name spread as the store expanded and became a chain throughout the region, eventually spreading to the West Coast and Florida.
I come all the way from Philly at least once a month to pick me up a 2-foot Bobbie. I'm done with cheesesteaks!
by sean tori April 27, 2007
1.Someone who runs around acting like a Subgenius, praising "Bob" and whatnot, with out actually being a member of the Church of the Subgenius.

2.Someone currently hypnotized by "Bob"

3.Ulimate fan of "Bob"

4.A newbie in the Church of the Subgenius

Quit being a bobbie and fork over thirty bucks!

There were so many bobbie's at the devival, I had to smile.

Hip Dobbshead dude, you're a total bobbie.
by Doktor Agon Fly January 13, 2004
an extremely cute but dumb as beans girl who loves guys that are stupid.Like Ben!!!!
Damn you see that guy Bobbie's with, hes got a huge tumor on the side of his face.
by Matt Dinan May 09, 2005
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