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Totally awesome dude who makes his home somewhere in the northeast.
That Bobak's such a cool guy!
by Jimmy April 12, 2005
A disgusting mateless anal creature closely resembling a sheep. The Bobak can often be found sucking at the end of peoples members.
Stop being such a Bobak!
by hosking November 30, 2004
A dancer, persian, and oh so handsome...
Bobak is such a great dancer, it must come his persian decent, and notice how gorgeous he looks!
by one and on1y December 15, 2008
A verb.
(1). To penetrate in an uncomfortable position.
(2). To fail despite high expectations, to backfire miserably due to the overt use of vulgarity.
(1). I was never regular, but after getting bobaked in prison I am doing fine.
(2). After a night of heavy drinking, Sally awoke to the realization that she had been bobaked last night. She knew she shouldn't have trusted him.
(3). Despite heavy studying and prior strong results, Greg was completely bobaked on the anatomy exam.
by marius25 December 08, 2008
The biggest polish little hardass in the world.
Even Rosie O'Donnel when shes PMSing cant stop that boy
and he has a large Polish sausage
1. Man I wish I was that guy, hes such a Bobak
by jimmy-bo June 04, 2007
a large woodland creature who inhabitates the north eastern US. Feeds off roots and insects.
Wow what a spectatular bobak.
by JoRadSilver May 16, 2005

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