A university known for racism, Christian fundamentalism, prudery, and being conservative fascists, aligning themselves with the Republican party.
by Anonymous September 06, 2003
Top Definition
An very conservative Christian university with a very ironic abbreviation.
She's going to BJU next year.
by lynx wings April 22, 2005
A "Christian" university in the south. Attended and supported by narrow minded legalistic disgraces to christianity. Known for being intolerant of any conflicting views. Seeks to isolate itself from "the world", meaning; music with a beat, modern clothing, literature, media, and anything related to youth culture. They keep their students in line with subtle suggestions that they just might not make it to heaven because a true Christain wouldnt do _____.
I got expelled from Bob Jones University for listening to The Beatles.
by Zen February 17, 2005
Crazy people. No physical contact between couples, couples can't leave campus together without a chaperone, no one can listen to rock, jazz, country, christian rock, or play video games rated T or above or that have rock music in them. Obviously, no gays (not condoning), Christian fundamentalism of the worst sort. Ugghh! Oh, also not accredited.
no joke, its all true go to bju.edu
by Militant Liberal May 04, 2005
A University mainly in that it calls itself one. It is not accredited.
He's not really a college graduate, he went to Bob Jones University.
by Whistler March 03, 2005
A Christian university in South Carolina known mostly for it's former policy of banning interracial dating.
Who in the hell would go to a college named Bob Jones University?
by LorgSkyegon November 07, 2004
A maximum security prison in Greenville, South Carolina that masquerades as an institution of higher learning.

The people who run the place think along the same lines of the "Shakers", who think the outside world with all its sex, rock, movies, and other good things are actually evil.

Extreme Christian fundamentalism is its doctrine. Christians who really don't know any better go there instead of a fully accredited liberal arts college. Students think it's a good place only because they are constantly told that it is a good place. People who do know better would say fuck all that!

Now, it would be unfair to say everything about it is bad. What energy they don't use for sex, eating, and other necessary functions of life, they put into art, music, and theater. The choirs and orchestras are top notch, and the theater productions are as well. But you have to think, is all that really worth it? I don't think so.
My sister went to Bob Jones University. She's now a constant Biblethumper who nobody wants to be around.
by RKnotrkellyfan August 29, 2008
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