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What hell is like. A small city in Upstate, SC where racial divides are still present, where rednecks can be seen on every corner and next to Spartunburg where most of the crime goes down. When it snows, everything comes to a halt. When it's hot, it gets up to over 100 degrees! Drivers are the worst in the nation and you see crashes on a daily basis. It lacks culture and diversity but it does have a great downtown, it's obvious it's where all the money is spent. Once you leave the downtown area, it's allpretty country bumpkin. It tries to name itself as G-Vegas or G-Ville, names which have already been taken and don't apply in the least bit.
Do you want to know what hell is like? Go to Greenville, SC!
by Jammy Jam Jam NYC April 12, 2011
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