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A North American WASP male who is usually over 35, has money to burn and owns a boat. You can tell him by his delightful pleated khakis, collared golf shirt and casual penny loafers or slightly worn dockers shoes. A Boat Dad is often found on or near a wharf, dock, boat or bar overlooking a harbor. He doesn't necessarily have to be a real father and usually is eager to buy strong drinks for much younger women.
Oh my god Debby, did you see that Boat Dad all the way to the right of the bar? He totally tried to buy me a cosmo. What a creep!
by Boat Dad August 10, 2009
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Guy who wears loafers without shoes with khakis with a polo all the time. He may also have a wife that spends all his money shopping at Talbots or Charter Club. Typically he is a republican. He may or may not have a yacht, but feels the need to project that he does at all times. Usually these actions are born out of a deep sense of both inferiority and a need for self importance.
Guy 1: I wish that guy would get that smug look off his face, who does he think he is with those expensive khakis and boat shoes? We're not on a dock here!

Guy 2: I heard he lost all his money in a bad business deal. He's broke! He's a real boat dad.
by dfed82 August 10, 2009

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