Beast Of A Feast
That's not a BBW, that's a BOAF
by Sick Wood November 19, 2012
Top Definition
Fecal matter that measures 1 foot long.
"Dude, check out this 5 dollar footlong!"
"Holy shit man, that's a for sure boaf."
by Gary Busy February 19, 2010
An ass quefe that is excreted by a woman during anal sex, Usually used to describe a stupid, whorish, slutty girl. The female equivalent for oaf.
Did you hear about how Lenna banged like 5 guys in one night what a Boaf, I bet she has mad STD's.
by Shae NY April 21, 2008
an acronym for the words, ball of asian fury.
my god that boaf over there just kicked that guys ass, man he has that mad kung fu shit down!!!
by the original BOAF July 06, 2009
Bare open ass fart.
Dude, I just totally BOAF'ed it!!!
by Boaferoni August 10, 2009
A 6 -8 inch poop. After someone makes a boaf you must call one of your friends to inform them of this. a double boaf is any poop that is 8 inches or longer. In this rare occurrence you must take a picture of it and send it to your closest of friends.
"I have to boaf."
"Not downstairs please."
by BaronAaron January 01, 2008

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