A term that you can whip out of your pocket at any time of distress, or in any situation that causes a level of anxiety. Comes in quite handy in place of "GOD DAMNIT!" when small children are present. Made famous by Tourette's Guy.
*you miss a really great pool combo* "Oh, BOB SAGET!"

*you run over something large with the lawn mower* "BOB SAGET!!!"

(2 AM)*you stub your toe while getting up to go the potty* "OH BOB SAGET!!!"
by x_vacant@hotmail.com March 28, 2008
The act of having intercourse with a woman, then, post-climax, pushing her down a flight of stairs while videotaping, and finally sending the video of her descent (set to appropriately zany music) to “America's Funniest Home Videos”.
"Dude, my Bob Saget was actually aired on TV! I won $20,000!"

"It's a good thing I videotaped my Bob Saget; now they can only charge me with CONSPIRACY to murder!"
by The Rat Man January 17, 2009
a simpler, non-offending way of saying "god Damnit", orginally heard by the touretts guy from Youtube.
"Bob Saget, I dropped my phone!"
"Bob Saget, my shoes are wet!"
by The Echoer February 07, 2009
To use instead of fowl words "God Damnit" Say "Bob Saget" instead. Also taken from the famous Tourettes Guy shown on YouTube.
Person one: No...Im not single sorry.
Person two: Oh, Bob Saget!
by bobobobobobsagetyes October 27, 2007
The testicle that sagets and bobs a little more than the other one. He hangs a little lower.

Ironically Bob Saget (the HUMAN) made a majority of his money showing videos of everyday guys catching one to their respective Bob Sagets.
These pants are too tight! Bob Saget can't ventilate.
by MJTJ February 13, 2008
A humerous or comical phrase used to express anger or frustration.
For example, when you fail a test or dont accomplish something, you say BOB SAGET!!!!!
"I failed my test again, BOB SAGET!!!!"

by collin sabbatini June 03, 2008
a substitute for phrases like "Aw Shit" or "God Damnit".
Joe: "Dude, I just broke your toilet!"
Jed: " Bob Saget!!!"
by Mike Hawks-Bigg February 18, 2008
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