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A term that you can whip out of your pocket at any time of distress, or in any situation that causes a level of anxiety. Comes in quite handy in place of "GOD DAMNIT!" when small children are present. Made famous by Tourette's Guy.
*you miss a really great pool combo* "Oh, BOB SAGET!"

*you run over something large with the lawn mower* "BOB SAGET!!!"

(2 AM)*you stub your toe while getting up to go the potty* "OH BOB SAGET!!!"
by x_vacant@hotmail.com March 28, 2008
Maynard James Keenan's only way to describe his insane sexual fetish for country music artists. It's basically where his penis gets so hard that it is glowing red hot, then he goes and finds Wynona Judd and her mommy and really lays down the law of Maynards Dick.
I fucked Willie Nelson
I fucked him deep inside
I fucked Elvis Presley in the bathroom where he died
I fucked Dwight Yoakum

Johnny Cash grabbed his ankles and he hollered when I poked him
I fucked the Judds!
I fucked the Judds!

My cuntry boner...it won't go down!
by x_vacant@hotmail.com March 28, 2008
Any person who shows no emotion, no facial expression, and makes absolutley no eye contact during intercourse. They basically just lay there completley dead weight, "not having sex", acting like a total nun about it.
"Dude, how was last with Andy?"

"I cannot believe I had to fake blowing my load, she was a total nun fuck dude."
by x_vacant@hotmail.com March 28, 2008
A group of chill ass Idahoans who fucking RAN THE SHIT back in 2004-2005 at Idaho's greatest (ONLY) halloween attraction, The Haunted World. The Haunted World Mafia decided who stayed, and who fuckin WENT. Opperators of the Haunted World drug ring. No one can touch these fools. Straight hard core shit disturbing mother fuckers.
"Remember that fucking slewbag Sierra/Gus?"

"Nah man, nah, I don't. Haunted World Mafia took care of that mess."
by x_vacant@hotmail.com March 29, 2008

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