Having sex on a cross country train.
he was blumping amanda all the way to florida!
by blumping master March 09, 2010
Top Definition
Adj, To hump a girl whilst she is on her period, using the blood as lubricant.
e.g harry was blumping sally while she was on her rags. Her menstrual blood made for a good cheap lubricant
by KNDO May 30, 2009
Snorting cum through the nose (as a coke-head would do with cocaine).
"I banged this girl the other day, she loved my cum so much that she grabbed a straw and started blumping right there in the bed."
by BreakerOneNine May 06, 2010
A sexual activity involving blood. Humping- when blood is involved.
Bill and Lorena were totally blumping on the sheets they killed those people on.
by doomstew July 31, 2009
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