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Moments before blowing your load, remove your penis from the vagina or asshole and cum in your hand. After your hand is full of cum, you smack your partner in the face with the cum filled hand, thus performing a Dirty Collins. Smearing is encouraged upon completion.
I was having some angry sex with the wife, so i finished her off with a Dirty Collins.
by BreakerOneNine August 21, 2009
Jacking off at hyper speed with a finger in your ass.
Yesterday was terrible, I forgot to wash my hands after a pulverizer and my finger stunk all night.
by BreakerOneNine May 08, 2010
A man who eats pussy 100% of the time before engaging in sex.

Pronounced (smay)
Matt: "You gotta eat it man, every time."

Bill: "You're a true Smeigh, you know that?"

Example #2: I swear to God, I've never fucked a woman without eating her out first. I can't help it, I'm a smeigh.
by BreakerOneNine August 22, 2009
Snorting cum through the nose (as a coke-head would do with cocaine).
"I banged this girl the other day, she loved my cum so much that she grabbed a straw and started blumping right there in the bed."
by BreakerOneNine May 06, 2010

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