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A nicer way to say "what the fuck?"
Person 1: I am the very best example of mechanic ephitomia.
Person 2: Yes, that is indeed gravelating. Totally coolio, dudester.
Person 3: Bluh?
by Blazer April 15, 2004
slang for ''blood'' usually mocking them
Mario The Crip:yo Juan waddup my nigger
Jamal The Crip: whut up bluh'
by Eric December 11, 2003
My Last Name
Robert Bluh has 5 kids, Devon Bluh, Jonah Bluh, Akiva Bluh, Bennett Bluh,and Aden bluh
by Robert Bluh March 06, 2004
A slang term and slight misspelling for "bull". Used when something is just lame.
"I just need some lovin'."
"Well, I'm sure the guys in the locker room can give you that."
by Obi-Juan January 20, 2004