A slang term and slight misspelling for "bull". Used when something is just lame.
"I just need some lovin'."
"Well, I'm sure the guys in the locker room can give you that."
by Obi-Juan January 20, 2004
Top Definition
1. A stressful gasp; the opposite of sigh of relief.

2. Sign of stress given by a person, who is tangled or wrapped up in lots of work.

3. The easiest way to say, "I'm busy" or "I'm stressed".
I feel like I'm going to be on the toliet forever! Bluh, so don't ask me to work until I'm finished... *Hnngh*
by Chad-Syphrett September 25, 2012
Worse than blah.
After a night of drinking, I feel worse than blah. I feel bluh.
by jerfer June 14, 2009
Another rendition of the word blah, but more fun to say. Exchanging the a to a u just makes the word kinda plop out of your mouth when you open it, giving it a nice bluuuuh kinda sound. Bluh can also be used with additions of exclamation points, carrots, and my favorite, the money sign. eg. bluh! bluh^ bluh$
Bluh, I don't wanna do my homework.
by kjay April 02, 2003
slang for "blood" said quickly, it becomes "bluh". what one blood calls another blood, or just a name of reference.
"what the fuck it do bluh?"

"i'm fixin' to go, bluh"
by g blood April 23, 2007
Bluh is a word said by someone who just doesn't give a damn.
Friend 1: Dude my girlfriend is such a bitch.
Friend 2: Bluh.
Friend 1: What?
Friend 2: I really don't give a damn.
by Pikman January 19, 2011
A word Blood gang affiliates add to the end of their sentences.
"What it be like, bluh?"
by .:MENACE:. June 08, 2009
it's slang for saying Blood but hwen said fast it turns to Bluh.
Its what blood call each other or to greet each other
"whats up Bluh"

"Yo, what it do Bluh"

"Where you from Bluh"
by SkuFF_ January 23, 2008
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