an underground rapper that is part of the rhymesayers crew.
Did you here Blueprint's new CD?
by Big C-Dub April 23, 2007
Top Definition
A guy or girl so incredibly perfect that they are the original design.
"Marcel Gerard is the fuckin blueprint".
by lavitadulce January 06, 2014
Another term for "porn movie" in 70s/80's. Commonly used in South East Asia and Middle East
BP. Are you watching BP or Blueprint movie
by wizin April 22, 2013
It is when a gentleman, of sorts, convinces a lady to undergo sexual intercourse in a private location of his choosing and then during intercourse have multiple of the gentleman's friends run out of a closet ready to ejaculate and then spray the lady like soap in a car-wash.
When my daughter came home last night she ran right to the shower screaming, "BLUEPRINT".

Oh, you wanna break up with her but you don't want her to forget about you. Just make your mark, blueprint her.
by Pewtips March 23, 2009
Discovered in 1966 in a small British village called Guttenmountain, this is the only trace found of the Pink Panther before it became pink.
Don't piss there if you don't want to leave a blueprint on the wall.
by Danielo February 04, 2005

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