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A most excellent combination of milk stout and blueberry beer in a single glass (or two glasses if you have friends). You first pour the blueberry beer, then, using a Guinness spoon or something similar, you layer the milk stout on top of the blueberry beer. The result is something straight from your mother's kitchen.
Bartender: So you're at a bar on Thanksgiving? I've got just the thing!
Bar Fly: Holy crap! That tastes just like mom's blueberry pie! Why are you open on Thanksgiving?
by Laura the Lab Rat November 17, 2010
Simply the greatest creation ever created by those who creatively create. I love pie, and it loves me back. It's all good.
All your pie are belong to me.
A term used in retail stores, when employees gather together such as a huddle while theres customers needing customer service...Typically it's when employees uniform consists of a blue polo shirt.
A group of blue polo employees gather around in a huddle.
Another employee approaches and yells,
"blueberry pieeeeeee!"
everyone breaks the huddle
by Raptile February 06, 2008
Blkubeerry pie is reffered to as smurf vagina. the creamiest of vaj's and yet the most unpleasant. Smurf vagina has the highrest rate of chlamydia and will turn your dick blue.
Man, i had some blueberry pie last night, but it turns out papa smurf got there first
by bananagob October 10, 2009
The greatest Youtube video created. By the greatest Youtuber of all time...The Amazing Atheist.
Blueberry pie

Blue berry pie!
by gfsdgsdfgsdf May 04, 2009
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