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The most disgusting, nauseating, foul looking disease known to man. If you really want to fucking know, Google Images it and make sure you have a bucket near you.
Google it....the example for blue waffle doesn't belong on this website...
by EXcedrin37 January 26, 2011

When someone accomplishes a difficult task that may be considered extremely or mildly grotesque, and is compared to the vaginal disease 'Blue Waffle'.
Tessa: What... what did you do to his ankle?

Tyler: Oh, you mean why it looks all fucked up? I blue waffle'd that shit.
Tessa: ...Ew.
by DefectCriminal January 12, 2011
a disease that makes vaginas blue, big, and saggy
"dude I was about to go down on this girl when I saw she had a blue waffle!"
by imonlyanatom December 02, 2010
A "waffle" is a slang term for "vagina." And a "Blue Waffle" is a slang term for a severe vaginal infection where the vagina actually becomes blue in color. Often confused with the food item blueberry waffles.
Don't you touch me you asshole!

Dang girl, why you so defensive? Got a blue waffle you hidin'?
by hahaisteppedonyourdick2 October 18, 2010
the extremely horrifying and disgusting STD or vaginal infection, tinting it to a bluish colour. blue waffles are usually lumpy and blistered. NSFW
Adam: dude! Mariah had too much sex and got a blue waffle!
Mark: ugh dude! gross!
by bobbybobb June 16, 2010
A Vagina Infection Its Fucking Sick
Man i Went To Go Fuck her Turns Out She Had A Blue Waffle
by Winter Valentine June 14, 2010
It is NOT your favorite breakfast food with blueberry sauce on top. Instead, it means "a serious infection on the female genitals".
She got a blue waffle after Bob did her.
by th100 May 26, 2010