A word with so many uses, generally negative. Derived from the infamous "blue waffle" picture (google it, feel lucky). Synonymous with "disgusting whored out vagina covered in blue mucus".
That was a complete Bluewaffle of a day, I got dicked in the face by some drunk asshole!

I got so Bluewaffled last night I stabbed some guy with my dick, in the face!

That guy dicked me so hard in the Bluewaffle, and the face!
by Samuel L. Jack January 11, 2010
When the outer lips of the vagina have become bruised from rough sex and or objects being used to aggressively. bruising usually appears waffle like because bruising occurs at different rates causing blue and yellow markings.
"I woke up with a Blue Waffle and I thought I had an STD, but my DR told me it is just bruising from having repeated rough sexual interactions consecutively."
by VampGurl08 June 14, 2016
A fake disease that suggests women who are sexually active are at risk of getting and passing on a blue tinged genitally deforming std.

Debunked here: womenshealthfoundationdotorg/2011/08/08/the-blue-waffles-myth/
Jake said he had seen a girl he was going to fuck with a bad case of blue waffles on the weekend. But he is full of shit. It doesn't exist only in photoshop. What a dumbass.
by VoiceOreason April 27, 2015
derogatory term used for a vaginal infection, however the infection has nothing to do with the color blue nor does the vagina actually turn blue. its some made up term to gross people out and put others down.
I bet your mom has blue waffle
by tickledicks March 22, 2016
Something you REALLY SHOULD NOT GOOGLE! (for your own health)
by green_girl9 March 09, 2016
do not ever google blue waffle you will die like fr you will never be able to use google again please just dont do it
ahhhhh. sees blue waffle* wtf did i just see
by holygrail2016 March 03, 2016
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