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1) An area of a KMart store where items are on sale
2) A white trash and slutty girl
1) I got these T-shirts 2 for $5 in the blue light special!
2) Marygene is today's blue light special!
by TicklemeEmo October 10, 2005
When someone goes into the red light district of Amsterdam and pays for a transsexual instead of a female prostitute. Transvestites have blue lights as opposed to red lights over their windows, hence the name blue light special.
Taylor -"Hey Brad how was last night in Amsterdam?"

Brad-"It sucked, I payed for a hooker and she had a dick."

Taylor- "Man you got the old blue light special you dirty sailor."
by irishchamp December 22, 2010
The mysterious bright, white stains visible only under a blacklight.
I decided to give my room a trippy blacklight and soon i discovered multiple bluelight specials.
by high_midz May 20, 2009
Used in reference to a member of law enforcement. Specifically when located in their vehicle.
Yo Jose!!! Put that shit out. Damn blue light special is right behind us yo!!
by Koby the Original August 15, 2006
COPS! This just another word for police, refering to the flashing lights off of squad cars.
You better be careful, that blue light special is cooking up outside.
by rashard November 28, 2007
someone with multiple sexually transmitted diseases/infections
The hooker on 4th and Broadway is the blue light special, make sure you wrap your winkie!
by romyla April 19, 2011
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