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To deny access:

1) When attempting to access a forbidden webpage
2) When attempting to perform a physical action
1) Yeah, I tried to FTP that file, but got 403'ed
2) Yeah, I tried to have anal sex with Meagan last night but got 403'ed.
#403 #access #foribidden #denied #no
by TicklemeEmo October 10, 2005
1) An area of a KMart store where items are on sale
2) A white trash and slutty girl
1) I got these T-shirts 2 for $5 in the blue light special!
2) Marygene is today's blue light special!
#white #trash #hit #blue #light
by TicklemeEmo October 10, 2005
On a two lane limited-access freeway the "merge of shame" is where you are in the far left lane against the wall while a vehicle tailgates you. The car behind you accelerates to illegaly pass you on the right, changes lanes without signaling but before they pass and cut you off they are forced to get back behind you due to a SLOWER moving car in the right lane.
That bitch behind me in the SUV on her cell phone just had to take the merge of shame!!
#driving #hiway #highway #freeway #expressway #merge of shame #shame #merge #suv #cell phone
by TicklemeEmo October 20, 2005
The armpit of Southeast Lower Michigan.
I dated a girl from Flat Rock last year, she was white trash and her dad was a Walmart Wolverine. But at least she put out.
#flat rock #flatrock #michigan #se michigan #trailor trash #hillbilly
by TicklemeEmo October 10, 2005
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