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A hybrid strain (both indica & sativa) of Marijuana.... It's also prescribed as medical marijuana in some parts of the US. Produces an AMAZING high! Some people claim it has a slight blueberry taste to it. Most reviews on the web have rated Blue Dream between 8-10. Best known for it's Euphoric effects.
Smoking from blunt -

"Omg you need to hit this dude!"
"What kind of weed is it?"
"It's that blue dream bro"

Hits blunt -

"Holy shit! I'm stoned off of one hit!"
by inhale123exhale March 30, 2012
Fucking hilllariousss strain of maryjane that sends foolish highschool girls into Comas.

Also has a good high
"Hey, may I purchase a bowl of that bud for five dollars for me and my friend?"


by thisshitisgabageagain October 21, 2009
A strain of Indica-Sativa marijuana. Very potent, very good, gets you very high. makes you trip BALLS
dude what kind of weed is this?
its some fuckin blue dream man.
shit! i think im havin the blue dream
by bluedreamer September 14, 2009

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