When your girlfriend asks you if things have crumbled, the things refering to the overall relationship and you respond ...... like blue cheese?????
Me: I feel like things have crumbled should i feel this way
CJB: Like blue cheese?
Me: More like feta.
by pissed austin April 14, 2011
When smegma accumulates on the inside of foreskin and mixes with the lint from ones boxers or jeans to create tiny, miniscule blue cheese like balls. May not taste as good on a Cobb salad as the real stuff.
Zahra: Do you have blue cheese?
Greg: You mean on my salad, or in my pants?
by Zahra January 11, 2006
Blue Cheese is used by teenagers who are referring to cannabis. It's origin is unknown and is commonly used by dealers.
lets go get some Blue Cheese, I fancy getting blazed tonight
by PikeyHoedown June 09, 2009
when a girl is tossing your "salad" you take your semen from previous occasions and make her lick it off of your "salad"
Dude, Jordan i had Rachelle lick the blue cheese when she tossed my salad
by R_A_I_93 April 02, 2009
1. Cheese That Smells Like Ass!
2. Cheese Thats Blue
1. EW That Guys Eating Blue Cheese!
2. Holy Shit That Cheese Is Blue!
by Seagulls of Satan August 04, 2008
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