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Blue Earth* is a very low key relaxed and calm yet comfortable little city in Faribault County, Minnesota, at the confluence of the east and west branches of the Blue Earth River the nastiest river in America. The population "was" 3,621 at the 2000 census no telling what it is now. It is the county seat of Faribault County3. It is home to a statue of the mother fucking Jolly Green Giant an over rated green asshole next to dairy queen and subway. Additionally, Interstate Highway 90 is centered on Blue Earth, as the east and west construction teams met in 1978. As a tribute, there is a golden stripe of concrete on the interstate near Blue Earth. This draws a parallel to the golden spike set in the first transcontinental railroad.* The city of Blue Earth gets its name from the Blue Earth River which surrounds the town. The river was given the Dakota name "Mahkota" (meaning Blue Earth) for the blue- black clay found in the river banks.4*
5 Also known as B-Town,B.E.
,BLURTH,That fucking gay ass town6 The home of the now Dead Infamous T.C. (..the trailer courts East B.E.,1222 E Fork Rd) where anything could and did happen in and out of the ShitHole shed.7 Home of the T.C. Mafilia' Beeeotch!
"..hey pito Di Les Que Fuck'em and lets go back to Blue Earth i know where i could get a half an O for twenty five in the Trailer Courts.."
by $uBj3Ct_ZeR0 August 24, 2009
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