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Sad failure of an idea. Stems from a brain fart that turns out to be a brain bubble of fart gas with a ransid odor of no use to anyone.
-I want to make a website thats rad for the youngsters
-dude you made a blubble

-I think Ill make a diagram that proves my theory
-Man that sucks, you blubbled it.
by blubblez August 21, 2010
noun: a hideous, unsightly creature that waddles about eating bacon
Blubbles, lay off the bacon!
by beaarthur April 13, 2009
Air that is trapped in your rectum before you release it.
Boy, I shure felt the blubble before I cut one!
by DRW February 18, 2005
The act of rapidly gripping and releasing a tit to make it jiggle.
He doesn't know how to handle my boobs, all he ever does is blubble them.
by kiki71 May 14, 2016
A blubble is the intestines of a cow inflated with air. The are usually seen at highland fairs and such, inflated and given to children to carry around like you would a normal balloon.
Kid "i want a blubble "
mother "no"
by Ummer June 14, 2010
Endearing term for when a drunk friend talks to you and tells you nice things.
You heard Michael? He's been blubbling all evening.
Yeah, he likes to blubble while drunk.
by The Gingenator September 08, 2012
A squishy pillow thing!! made up of squishered styrofoam and spandex.
Kid: Mommy! Guess hwat guess what? I wanna go to the store and buy a blubble!!
Mom: *ignoring child*
Kid: MOM!
Mom: WHAT?!
Kid: I wanna BLUBBLE!
Mom: How wonderful.
by Jenny December 26, 2004
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