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Gastro Intestinal Emination that either leaves a distinctive fragrance or humorous reverberation. Also look at fart, dutch oven
After eating beans you will be blowing ass for a while
by Dr. Know It ALL November 30, 2003
The process in which as person, pulls down their pants, faces the people in the room, bend over, spread their butt cheeks, and fart as hard as they can...smells 3X worse than just farting.Blowing ass.
-Derek got on his desk in study hall and started blowing ass.
-Go blow ass Gracie!
-Your presentation was good but it could have been better if you had blown ass.
-He blew ass and it smelled horrible.
by Dustin m Turner 123 September 22, 2007
A fart of mass proportions.
Dude, after those Coors Lights last night I have been blowing ass all fucking day.
by Leebuck2 April 14, 2003
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