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1. The main character from the New York TV show "Bloopy's Buddies", which promotes children to do exercise with songs that would make Barney the dinosaur puke.

2. A name which anybody could come up with since it just involves adding a 'B' to the word 'loopy'.

3. A kind of abbreviation for 'blooper'.
A long time ago I drew a crappy cartoon character and named it Bloopy, and it's been the nickname I usually use on the Internet ever since.

Hahahahaa Bob Saget just made a big bloopy on TV!
by Bloopy April 13, 2005
farts in the bathtub!!!1!
"Dude, i just took the best bath, so many bubbles from all the bloopies!"
by Poopboobs69 July 07, 2009
weed and tobacco packed together into a bowl for smoking purposes. commonly known as a molar.
im baked...fuckin bloopys.
by killa in muhgilla December 08, 2009
when a guy gets a blowjob while on taking a poop. The term is derived from poopy blowjob.
I was having a terrible time in the bathroom, until the bloopy had commenced.
by fattymcfatso April 06, 2006
The act of receiving cunnilingus while taking a poop. The female equivalent of a grumpkin. Although difficult to imagine, a pulley system should do the trick.
Last night I was with this girl who slipped me a roofy. I was awoken by some sort of pulley system which harnessed me over her twat by my legs. She forced me to give her a bloopy as she held a gun to my cock. Boy that sucked.
by Secularity November 08, 2006
When you are really happy and you dont have a reason for it, you just feel like shouting happily;
looking at it rain outside my window makes me feel bloopy...
by sleepy_head July 06, 2012
when youre feeling crazy insane loopy and bizarre. all at the same time. especially occurs after sleep deprivation in a total of 24 hours or more. (:
Sarah felt bloopy after the sleepover
by lilly.kayla.mandy December 05, 2009