When you are really happy and you dont have a reason for it, you just feel like shouting happily;
looking at it rain outside my window makes me feel bloopy...
by sleepy_head July 06, 2012
The act of receiving cunnilingus while taking a poop. The female equivalent of a grumpkin. Although difficult to imagine, a pulley system should do the trick.
Last night I was with this girl who slipped me a roofy. I was awoken by some sort of pulley system which harnessed me over her twat by my legs. She forced me to give her a bloopy as she held a gun to my cock. Boy that sucked.
by Secularity November 08, 2006
To feel bloopy ;

1. Feeling empty, or useless at times.
2. To feel sad for no apparent reason.
3. Not feeling at all, like yourself.
1. Mom, stfu. I feel bloopy, leave me alone.
2. No, dude, cereal. I feel bloopy. We'll catch up later?
by avrilrox123a November 03, 2011
the feeling of being full, from eating too much, bloated and uncomfortable
After the enormous bowl of spaghetti I ate I felt so bloopy.
by Dennelle September 22, 2003
While having sex with a woman in the doggystyle position, you lick your middle finger and bury into her ass
Watching her ass pound up against my cock I couldn't help but give a nice bloopy.
by sandman6373 August 28, 2007
when you go to take a shit and for some odd reason, you throw up
ughhh i cant believe i bloopy'd.

what is that?

i went to poop and i threw up

maybe it was cuz of the smell

NO!!!! IT WAS A BLOOPY!!!!!!!!!!!
by taco smith March 24, 2010

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