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A sound effect used for the purpose of saying outloud when performing an action such as punching, kicking, throwing something, etc...

*Be sure to put a long emphasis on the long "oo" sound. Such as, "Blo0o0o0o0o0m!"
Gary is driving late at night back home when he decides to throw some trash out his car window. After he rolls it down, he shouts "Bloom!!!" as he chucks it out.

Thus, the sound effect adds to the boring-ness of just throwing it out without one.
by x-xRichardx-x July 10, 2008
verb (used with an object)

to ejaculate on someone.

Note: "full bloom" refers to ejaculating directly on someone's face.
"Dude, he full bloomed her last night."
by sammalone9 April 19, 2009
a way to state your horny
in bloom
"hey im in bloom"
"you wanna... ya know. im blooming"
by Cryo March 29, 2004
1.a. the odd man in the group or the fat chick b. The liar/ the man who had to cheat to get into the club
2. a. something that doesn't belong b. the thing or person that stands out/ anomaly
3. not cool
1.What the hell is he doing there he's like a nerd in a football team
2.He doesn't look like it. He just looks weird
3.goddamn he is just a bloom
by Victor Montemayor September 27, 2005