Top Definition
The ultimate combination of handsome and charming.
He seems like such a great guy. He's Bloogie.
by ewenough April 07, 2011
Lame, stupid, uncool.
This club is bloogie, we should've stayed at home.
by Blizzful July 18, 2010
The act of spitting a mouth full of cum, post blowjob, on the blowjob recipents face.
To get back at Clarence for that time he busted his nut in my eye, I sucked him off the other day and them spit a bloogie in his face.
by pretty little pooter September 08, 2014
A squirrel who has a pouch like a kangaroo with a never-ending sack of weed. He will always smoke with you but you can never steal the weed cuz he'll kick yo ass and take it back.
That bloogie offerd to smoke with me last night..
by Kaletta March 08, 2008
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