a guy who goes about making little children smile throughout the galaxy. He's a friendly character, and has a heart of gold. It is rumored that during every Christmas, he gives away abundances of polish sausages and ham to all the hungry children of the world.
Blood Brother is every childs imaginary friend
by Jon P August 04, 2005
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When two people cut there thumb and press the open cuts together forming a blood pact.Considered by some to be like becoming family.

"I say Becoming blood brothers is a good way to share HIV"
by Hymen June 19, 2006
An amazingly close friend you would do anything for and so to show this take a blood pact. You both put a small cut in your hand so it bleeds a little and then shake hands, so you swap a little blood.
Sam: Well Andy we have been friends for 10 years now and you know i would do anything for you.

Andy: I know same here

Sam: How about we take a pact?

Andy:Yeah!What about a blood pact?

Sam: Okily Dokily

*both cut in to there hands*

*They shake Hands*

Andy: Now were not just friends we are "BLOOD BROTHERS"
by pink power ranger July 06, 2006
Only the most kick ass band on the planet! Has released 6 albums so far, including March On Electric Children (2002), This Adultery Is Ripe (2002), Burn Piano Island, Burn (2003), Rumors Laid Waste (EP) (2003), Crimes (2004), Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck (2005), and their latest, Young Machetes (2006). Young Machetes was produced by Guy Piciotto of Fugazi and John Goodmanson who also co-produced Crimes along with the band themselves.

Members of the band include: Johnny Whitney (keyboard + vocals), Mark Gajadhar (drums), Cody Votolato (guitar), Morgan Henderson (bass), and Jordan Blilie (vocals). They officially formed in 1997 in Seattle. Jordan Blilie is brother to Hannah Blilie, the drummer for Olympia-based band the Gossip.
Side projects of some band members include Head Wound City, Neon Blonde, and Waxwing.

Their sound could probably be placed somewhere within the range of
experimental punk, soaked in angst and a heavy scowl towards mainstream culture. Johnny Whitney's infamous high-pitched screams resonate throughout all of their albums, a memorable feature.

In all senses of the words, fucking sweet!
"Dude, are you going to that Blood Brothers concert tonight?"
"Hell yes, the Blood Brothers are fucking sweet!"
by poeiscool November 18, 2006
A Nexon America CombatArms Clan, this clan is well known for having hacks and using those hacks to powerlevel.

Also known as BB or BB's when someone is emphasizing them for being a Hacking and PowerLeveling Clan

A number of there members a day somehow get large amounts of xp ( 200K + ), though unexplained.

These noobs somehow have slipped passed Nexon unnoticed, with only 2-3 members ever being banned
BB the hack clan?

Bloodbrother should be known as ButtBuddies.

Bloodbrother is the Worst clan ever.

Those BB's have been at it again, just look up Erbaz.

Nexon should go into the BB's Private rooms, heck they could ban them all.

Powerleveling noobs, all those Bloodbrothers should be banned.
by Ibasiloo October 28, 2011
someone who became your brother through sharing blood. ***required to get a tramp stamp of their blood sister.***
those two are blood brother and sister

how do you know?

look, he has a tramp stamp of her name.
by downwithsatan6666666 March 29, 2010
The (hopeful) coincidence of two friends copulating with the same girl who was on "the bloob" during both occasions. These friends now have the unbreakable bond of being Blood Brothers.
Blood Brother status is normally realised during a chilled game of Never Have I Ever.
Blood Brothers
by Banjo 3 times February 11, 2010
1.Someone you would die for
2.Blood members
My homie Brian has known me since we were 10 and now we both are 14. We would die for each other.

Brian: Blood Brothers
Andrew: We'll be blood brothers for life
by Andrew Gonzalez January 03, 2008

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