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Blinking so hard that your eyes blonk.
Adam: *blink blink blink blink*
Giorgio: *BLONK*
Adam: HOLY SHIT!q3wriu4t8y
by Nidht October 12, 2004
A complex manouevre that involves closing one eye whilst keeping the other one open.
The Doctor: Since encountering the Weeping Angels, I've been trying to come up with a counter-measure, and I've finally figured one out.
The Doctor: I call it 'blonking'.
The Doctor: Of course, it's probably only Time Lords who can do it.
by abcd_z August 12, 2010
As Used mostly in Australian jails, a blonk is somewhat of an analygist to an idiot.
1. You are a blonk.
2. He's a blonk.
by IKU April 03, 2005
Very well built person (gym enhanced or natural), generally a man
That bouncer on the door of the club was blonks! I wouldn't mess with hin, for sheezy!
by CharlieOah February 17, 2003
To hit someone with a large trout that weighs at least 20 pounds.
He was being annoying, so I blonked him.
by Kate the Toad Slayer September 16, 2007
Australian slang for an idiot or really stupid person. One who usually performs acts of stupidity.
Mate, that guy is a total blonk!
by irongron November 04, 2015
An ugly or undesirable, a name to call person within earshot without said being knowing
Wow that's a real blonk!

Do you think those blonks over there will be blonking tonight?
by DingoInDenver January 14, 2015
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