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A line of cocaine snorted from the surface of an erect penis.

The back of the toilet was too disgusting so I invited my boyfriend back to do a bloner.

That homo always dreamed about doing a bloner off a black cock.

After two martinis, that chick will be asking you for a bloner!
by Akosh April 23, 2009
A blowjob given to a flacid penis to achieve a boner
I was so drunk last night that I couldn't get hard, luckily my GF gave me a bloner
by Mike Melton (aka your dad) April 07, 2015
When a man is having sex with a woman on her period and he's so disgusted by the sheer amounts of blood everywhere that he can't finish, he is left with a very bloody boner, or bloner.
I tried to have sex with Emily, but she was on her period, so all I got was a bloner.
by DrDolphLundgren May 13, 2015
This is when a firecracker is inserted into a man's urethra and detonated.
Someone told me that Jim got a bloner last night and his life will never be the same.
by Beverly Dingus Giddon April 11, 2013
The act of having a full blown boner.
When I hung out with Ashlea last night she gave me a total bloner.
by theblonermaker April 08, 2011
a boner only a blonde can give
that blonde broad always gives me a bloner.
by taylortay January 24, 2010
A bloner is a loaner boner. A person must go the boner bank and request a boner loan. If their boner-credit score is appropriately high, the loaner will be boned. f not, his boner will detained and possibly destroyed by court order at a later date. Once loaned, a loaned boner may be used for further loaning, or possibly even same-day boning.
Boner mortgages, while popular, are not always the solution and may cause boner bankruptcy in later years. Boner leases are less popular but are viewed to be a simpler boner solution.
"Your bloner is approved."
by Turtle turtle October 21, 2006

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