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A condition affecting women at major universities across the united states. Symptoms include hair color becoming blonde, regardless of actually color, excessive use of white girl gangsta language, enlarging of the breasts, decrease in appetite and overall intelligence, narccissistic behavior as well as acute nymphomania and concurrent short-term memory loss. Rampant in Sorority houses. Normal onset is Sophmore year. Only cure is distance from any major university
"Allie has succumbed to the Blonding. She's just not the same person anymore."
by Johnny_Reb May 20, 2009
1. confused, ditzy, generally out of it. (like a blonde)
2. high, intoxicated (in a state of confusion, as a blonde would be)
"kristin said she'd bring me some weed but she's all lalala and blonding so she totally forgot."
by lauren August 30, 2003
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