Hot girls who are mistaken for being dumb just because of their hair color. psh..
Joanna and Noelle are mistaken for being dumb, just cuz their hair is blonde.
by Noelle October 12, 2004
Lets look at these definitions here. You see, blonde people dont become stupid JUST because of their hair color. For some strange reason the vast majority of people are attracted to blondes, and then they hit on them. After a while, the guys start trying and trying and trying to seduce them by giving them gifts and crap like that, which gives the girl the idea that she can have any man she wants, so she wont have to try hard in life. Stupid people are known to have little learning experiences. When a person gets everything they want, they have few learning experiences, making them stupid. It is not because of the hair dyes, or genetics, or whatever. It is THE HUMAN SOCIETY that is spoiling our blondes, which is making them really stupid.
I would appreciate the next few definitions to add on to "Bojizzles blonde theory."
by bojzzle September 18, 2004
Coffee with cream in it. Often associated with diner waitress slang.
Waitress: How do you like your coffee?
Patron: Blonde please
by Her Dudeness February 27, 2006
 A hair color that is stereotyped as dumb, or ditzy. There are natural blondes that think that their stereotyped hair color should control the way they act because they are made to believe that that is what society expects from them. But, the reason for the blonde jokes comes from bottled blondes who don't care if they're acting dumb because they aren't actually blonde. Thus, the jokes don't affect them. In reality, most natural blondes don't let the stereotype affect them, but are still labeled as dumb due to the bottled blondes. All in all, a hair color doesn't affect the IQ or the attractiveness of a person whether they're a blonde, brunette, or a red-head.
Natural blondes shouldn't have to believe that they have to live up to society's image of a ditzy, dumb, barbie-doll blonde.
by blondeKelsey July 13, 2006
A hair color. Blondes were first associated with being dumb when many women bleached their hair in attempt to woe members of the opposite sex.
Person 1: Oh, look over there. A blonde!
Person 2: Yes, her hair is a rich golden color.
by Eric Arthur Blair September 02, 2005
1. Commonly used to refer to ditzes or ditzy moments, hence blonde moment. This is unfairly biased.
2. A hair color.
I have blonde hair yet when it comes to class rank I am tied with or have a higher grade than a Chinese girl. (With the stereotypical Asian parents that push for her to get great grades) I'm more of a person that tries to do their homework before they get home.
2. You say there's no such thing as a smart blonde yet your dumber than me. Haha dumbass.
by Me December 17, 2004
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