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1.) A sexual virgin.

2.) A sexually repressed individual.

3.) A "man" who buys tampons for his "friend with benefits" while every other cock does her like there is no tomorrow.

4.) Jan, a male with a female name.
If you don't ravage that chick, I'm gonna have to call you Blocko.

You're suck a Jan.
by anonymous March 28, 2003
7 11
A Block Party
Saturday night Blocko! BYOB.
by anonymous August 20, 2003
22 6
Hash; the resin of the marijuana plant.
"Got some blocko in Morocco."

(The Goldie Lookin' Chain - Ambassador)
by Padster August 19, 2004
8 3
a misunderstood forum user. Who's love for the ladies is only bested by his love for the inhebriating substances.
Blocko is great in bed
by anonymous March 28, 2003
0 5
See Snowballing
Hey, i just snowballed that guy
by anonymous March 28, 2003
0 6
A slang term for man-on-man anal sex.
I love fucking him bareback, it's the best sort of Blocko out there!
by peach March 28, 2003
2 12