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A person who seems to thrive on getting blocked in social networking sites, by posting upsetting comments, remarks and opinions on others posts or pictures. The blockaholic will then post more comments either bemoaning their blocking, and claiming the blocker has no sense of humour, is overly sensitive or try and turn it about so they are portrayed as a victim; or, try to claim some kind of kudos for getting blocked so much, maybe claiming others are scared of him/her or in other ways inferior.
The blockaholic claimed that he/she had been blocked by that person as a result of him/her turning them down for a cam chat, rather than for 2 weeks worth of obnoxious cooments on their posts, and several warnings, seen by the rest of the community in question.

It became apparant that he/she was a blockaholic when, for the umpteenth time, he selected a potential deletabator and stalked their posts and pictures with nasty, insulting comments while claiming the poster in question had no sense of humour, and was too sensitive for the community in question.
by snaketattoo13 January 28, 2011
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