A sex move modeled after the delicious DQ Blizzard. It's where you fuck a chick from behind and then pull out and cum on her back. You then sprinke crushed oreo cookies on the semen and pick the girl up and flip her upside down like they do with the DQ treat before they give it to you. For added effect, a second girl could eat the blizzard off the first girl, however this is not essential to the move.
I gave this girl a blizzard last night, i bet she is still sticky.
by little douche December 05, 2011
When you skeet in a bitch's ass then she farts and it all flies out.
Goddamn! That bitch gave me a blizzard in the middle of August
by Tryshavingho March 25, 2006
when two homosexual men are having intercourse and one man ejaculates into his partner's rectum. The partner with the semen in his rectum in turn farts the semen out... a BLIZZARD!
Ron and I had just finished doing it, when he blizzarded.
by KingoftheVA January 04, 2012
The act of being so high that you feel like you are in an intense blizzard with high mph winds which hence makes you squint your eyes so much.
Dude....I am so blizzard right now!

I know this is some otha shit.
by zebunnanna December 20, 2009
1.A very strong storm.
2.What your homie says to you when he's blowed and has been listening to too many Snoop Dogg albums.
1."An storm involving mass amounts of snow is coming this way, fellas"!
2."Yo dawg, I am blizzard like a lizard!" - Snoop Dogg listening friend who is currently blowed
by SuperSonicX September 18, 2005
A sex act that involves a guy cumming in a girls ass and then she farts the load into his mouth!
No thanks, I'm not hungry. My mom just gave me a blizzard.
by TheSwift182 June 18, 2010
A large ammount of cocaine
talking so quickly with so much ease
i think you might have just snorted a blizzard
by kokhed January 13, 2006

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