A great dessert from Dairy Queen.
This is the first, the original of ice cream desserts. Long before Sonic's Blasts or McDonald's McFlurries, there was the great. The Blizzard is still the best, don't be fooled by the cheap imitations!
#dairy queen #ice cream #dessert #fast food #junk food
by k_s August 08, 2006
Top Definition
n. A game company which creates the most addictive award-winning games.

Has created Starcraft and Warcraft universes, and the ever-popular Diablo game.
Hey, look, that game was made by Blizzard.
by Wasted-Blodmage August 25, 2003
1) The company who made such games like Starcraft, the Warcraft series, and Diablo series. Earlier games included the likes of The Lost Vikings.
1a) Your gods.
2) An ice storm
1. "Dude blizzard made a game!" "Must... buy... game..."
2. "Dude the blizzard killed your mom!" "Yay!"
by Sheath February 25, 2003
Despite the fact that they're not a mining company, they're always hitting gold.
Dude. You played WoW? Blizzard really struck gold with that.
#warcraft #starcraft #diablo #mmorpg #blizzard
by DTraj December 16, 2007
1, A large storm (usually including snow)
2, A large storm (usually containing Dandruff)
3, A computer game's manufacturer who have successfully taken money from the majority of 12-year-old annoyances that surf the net (i salute you blizzard)
4, A large storm (usually containing a womans hair..very very bushy hair for that matter)
Guy - "Oh god that was a really big storm..i'm coverd in all this white stuff"

Gal - "erm that's not snow"


Minor - "OMG!! Blizzard can't do anything right, *%@#% bliz"

Man - "You try running a game than, or try running across a railway track and improve our gene-pool"
#blizzard #blizz #bliz #blizzards #blizs
by Arronax September 01, 2006
the act of ejaculating into a fan thus causing the sperm to fly in all directions and covering any person thats in front of it
after i had sex with that bitch last night I gave her a blizzard
#blzzard #ejaculation #fan #blizard #snow
by hplg December 12, 2009
makes games with really bad graphics but awesome gameplay. in other words, they make games people still play years after being released.
warcraft, starcraft, and diablo are blizzard's three major series.
#warcraft #starcraft #starcraft ii #blizzard entertainment #blizzcon
by bobertdude January 26, 2009
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