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n. a particular grade of poor quality moonshine that makes one blind and horny, not necessarily in that order.”
doofus #1 “hey man, what’s up with your sister I saw her pulling a train with the chess club the other night”

doofus #2 “Damn! She must’ve been hittin’ the blind randy again”
by wildeeyes January 30, 2012
When a person who isnt black accidently says nigger in a public place loud enough for everyone to hear...usually the person becomes embarresed and worried after pulling a Blind Randy
Dude my grandma totaly pulled a Blind Randy at Intimate Obsessions last evening I felt so embarresed for her, the black guy at the counter didnt let her use the coupon she had either...

Dude #2: Damn dude thats gay.
by Raunchy Bill February 17, 2010
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