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When you catch less then part of somthing.
I didn't see the whole movie i saw blibs of it.
by Better Off February 21, 2006
A derogatory, racist name for a black kid whose nose is always dripping with snot. Derived from the word 'splib'
What are all those snail tracks on my basketball!!??....... Little Blibs next door were playing with it and got snot all over it!!!
by Dakeboy 59 December 17, 2012
Big Lad In Bristol
Will: 'Kate has been out every monday...'
Kie: 'Thats cos she's a BLIB'

Kie: 'Kate destroyed F3 with a food fight'
Will: '..BLIB'
by The Doctor Kie January 15, 2012
to bloop with subtlety. to shuffle off in stealth.
jim: "where's the crunk dealer?"

betty: "i think he blibbed earlier..."

jim: "fuck! have you any phone credit?"
by somethingplex1 December 19, 2011
The small circular piece of paper cut out by a hole punch
As I opened the hole punch to empty it half the BLIBS fell on the floor
by p51mustang December 21, 2010
A fart with a toothpick in it.
That chili gave me some painful gas. That last toot hurt so much - it must have been a blib
by Wavy Lay February 07, 2011
Used as punctuation when you're upset about an occurrence.

If it's really bad you can elongate the first b and the i.

Can also be used as a verb, when it is most useful in terms of enquiry.

(All the above usually accompanied by sticking your bottom lip out)
You've eaten my last rolo. Blib!

They've run out of Choc Dips. Ber-liiiiiiib!

What are you blibbing? Put that lip away.
by Dropsy October 27, 2006
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