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Black sperm.
"Did you blerm?"
"Is that blerm?"
"I'm going to blerm all over her booty"
by Shobzilla July 10, 2009
the mixture of blood and sperm
the bme pain oylmpics contained a lot of blerm
by bboots January 20, 2008
Mixture of blood and sperm, often during red wings but can occur during first time and/or rough anal sex
"Why does it smell like blood and bleach in here?"
"Sorry, I haven't had a chance to wash the blerm out of my sheets."
by youareabunny January 04, 2015
The Blerm is a contraction of the terms "blumpkin" and "perm", and is used to denote a sexual act where a male receives oral sex in a toilet ("blumpkin") and then wipes his semen (or feces, if there is no toilet paper) on his sexual partner's hair upon completion of the sexual act. It is a common practice in certain bars in Conowingo, MD.
Man, that bitch sucked me off real nice in the toilet and then I turned her blumpkin into a blerm. That shitter needs more TP, by the way.
by Goldberg47 January 18, 2009
once a month, males experience an addition of blood to their sperm, thus creating a mixture of blood and sperm
Man it was my time of the month, and i blermed all over her.
by Sizzity Sack September 08, 2008
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