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The bringer of Divine Salvation. The Alpha and the Omega.
Bleier is Love. Bleier is that which grants eternal paradise.
by Saul January 26, 2005
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The creator of Vaidika Dharma. Bleier is Brahma the Creator. Bleier is Vishnu the Maintainer. Bleier is Shiva the Destroyer.
From Bleier the world came, is maintained, and will end.
by The Upanishads January 26, 2005
The being of infinite extensions.
Bleier is us, the universe and infinitely more.
by Spinoza January 26, 2005
That which came from Zarvan Akarana, Boundless Time and Boundless Space, the unmanifested absolute.
The manifested Logos.
Bleier is the Wise Lord. He is the universal and pervasive source and fountain of all life.
by Zarathustra January 26, 2005
He who may have no images made of himself. The one who is of pure holiness; the blinding light.
Damn, if I didn't know better, I'd think Nathan was Bleier.
by Katherine Grace Parker January 25, 2005
What I meant when I said "That than which nothing greater may exist."
See my ontological argument.
by Anselm January 26, 2005

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