Average, "I dunno" sort of expression. Instead of a word you'd say 'bleh'.
Well, it was just kinda... bleh.
by s0up October 30, 2004
The feminine version of Special Ed from Crank Yankers. She appeared in the episode of 'The other cousin' on Drawn Together on Comedy Central.
Bleh is Princess Clara's other cousin.
by Le Mans July 08, 2005
word used when no other word can be said in reply. Also no one can counter this word. The only word that can match the prestige of the owrd bleh is growl.

warning: this word must be used wisely and only in the most dire cases.
You were supposed to be watching the kids AND washing the dishes AND you were to finish your homework! but the whole time you were talking on the phone??!!!!

by dante dayne December 27, 2004
an expression of utter indecisiveness
aimloser#1: do u evr do work?
aimloser#2: bleh, nev4r
by andrew January 17, 2004
Its not anything, it's everything, it doesn't mean anything but it can be used in any sentence at any time for any desired effect with the right tone of voice.
It is simply a noise to make whilest to tone of your voice gives an inclination of what you are talking about.

<dude 1 hits dude 2>
<dude 2 pokes dude 1 in the eye and sais "bleh..">

Hayley: T get me a baby swan! I want a baby swan!
T: bleh.
Hayley: Get me a baby swan!
by TTTT2 June 21, 2006
An expression of sympathy. Not necessarily sad nor happy, it can describe self-pity or be a reply of empathy. It is ideally used when "yes" or "no" is not appropriate but yet the situation still requires some conclusion.
Self-pity: "Bleh" - I'm bored, tired and agitated but I'n not ready to shut-up and go home yet.

Reply: "Bleh" - I hear you and I feel for you, man!

In the uncomfortable quiet of a dying conversation, instead of farting, the word "bleh" just completes the situation.
by Yala February 15, 2006
The gayest word ever. You should not use it please.
Kwen Saechao: You're so blehhhh.
Kwen Saechao: blehhh.
by justin bieberrr June 29, 2010
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