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A mild word often used as an adjective to emphasise dislike or negativity in relation to something else, comparable to bloody
"We're having a terrible time with them bleeding rats" - Monty Python's Flying Circus, episode 21
by Xenophilius July 27, 2007
when something happens that is seriously fucked up shit
Or - Wen something happens that is not right in a very weird way.
Seamus: Did yu see dat boi wid da firework? Bruv, the way he dropped it and ran was funny, alie?

Keema: Yeh bruv dat was bleeding.
by yung kikx November 05, 2008
In the act of the verb bleed.
I was sliced in half and now I am bleeding.
by The All-Knower December 28, 2004
when a girl is on her period
my girl let me get her donut last night because she was bleeding.
by ThePrufessa March 16, 2011
To look and be extremely Tired, as if your body was bleeding and your about to faint or die.
Tom: You look horrible.
Jim: Man I'm bleeding.
Tom: Why?
Jim: I got two and half hours of sleep last night.
by Johnny Klassified August 22, 2006
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