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Blazin Jeaners is a perfectly normal, perfectly healthy means of self expression. It is also a trend that attracts females. Pay attention gentlemen:

Blazer+Jeans=Blazin Jeaners

Blazer+Jeans+t-shirt=Blazin T-Jeaners
Blazer+Jeans+being Jewish=Blazin Jeanerstein
Blazer+Jeans+beard=Beardin Jeaners

This term was originated by the singer of Baltimore metal band Rest Among Ruins.
Mike: "Dude, are you blazin jeaners later?"
Garrett: "Of course dude! How else would I blaze vajeeners!?"


Mike: "Dude, are you blazin jeaners later?"
Some Jabroni: "Nah man, I think I'm just sportin my Towson hoodie. Maybe some other time when I'm not a Jabroni."
by Rusty Mongruins February 16, 2011
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