A load of wanna be bad boys. Put them up against the true urban music artists and they'd cry to their mommies! All they do is cover legenday beats to try and give them some credability. I think it has just shown how bad they are.
No different to all the other boy band shit that is disgracing radios the world over
by Neilt March 09, 2004
n. two or more people enjoying jazz in a room at the same time.
man i jus walked into westlifes dressing room, looks like blazin squad in there
by anticon February 01, 2005
Apart from the fact they are all pretty boys in make up who love the c.ock there are several real reasons why they suck so much:

All of their best selling songs are stolen; everyone knows that Crossroads was originally a Bone Thugs n Harmony tune dedicated to Easy E (real rappers) but Revolution was originally a T-Rex tune, The melody on Stop is stolen from an old Commodore's track and Here 4 Open rips BOTH the piano melody and the RnB lyrics from other songs.

They only made one tune by themselves (Standard Flow when they were 15) Then they were snapped up fast by a record company looking for a 'baby So Solid Crew'. Standard Flow got some play on Radio 1 and made it into the 'Garage' Charts, most people from the underground garage scene hated it, a lot.

Most of the tracks on the album WERE written for them. The songs they wrote entirely by themselves were All about the Music, Standard Flow, Reminisce and Riders.

Lyric from Reminisce: 'Made love? I never done anything of the sort, its such a shame how we cant, we're underage' - Ha ha ha ha ha hah f**king virgins

They never struggled as artists - demo for Standard Flow was made in ten minutes after school as a kinda joke. They are an insult to all hard working real musicians trying to make it out there.

They pretend to be rappers? They get dressed up and sing pop tunes - They came from Highams Park in Chingford, North London - beautiful cottages and countryside, these boys were very well off to start with and have never even seen the street.

Between them they achieved 66 GCSEs, an average of about 7 each. I know IT technicians who got less GCSEs than that. Tom got 4 As and 4 Bs. These kids are geeks.

Their pop music is a lame attempt to cash in on the urban music fad that has engulfed the toe rags and teenie boppers everywhere. I mean for f**k sake have you seen the choreographed dance routines? These littles boys will never be Hip Hop.
I don't have a problem with any little girls who like Blazin Squad as a pop boy band (whatever floats your boat yunno) but that is all they are; a fake phoney record company lackey pop boy band.
by Inept February 23, 2004
Modern pop music encapsulated!! What utter teeny crap!! :-(
Blazin Squad are wiiiikkkiiiiid .. and I can't spell .... :-O
by IP Freely February 04, 2004
A bunch of kids trying to be cool and grown up and failing dismally, close to
being humorous
Could be used to a load of screaming kids on the top deck of a bus.
eg "Oh please stop behaving like the blazin squad"
by Dave P January 06, 2004
a bunch (a very BIIIG bunch) of low life wimps who think they are bling jus by wavin their hands around (apart from the mixed race one he looks kinda ok- n buff)
they think their hard but actually not, they talk about the streets but they from a posh skool n no nothin

if anyone thinks their hip hp get a life and listen to the real hip standard flow was a great tune but after that its all pop

neva mind tho- let them ave their time as in a few yrs theyll be workin in mcdonalds
a really punie guy in the streets with a whole lot of rusted copper round him and tight pants upto his knees
by blazin h8r March 04, 2004
Talentless bunch of twats, anyone who thinks they are "good" should leave their house once in a while and stop being rude boys or most likely rude girls. they are fukin shit!!! listen to some decent music like biggie or tupac, not fukin blazin squad. all us "haterz" of blazing sqaud, big u all up, u actually know something about music, and not just some 7year olds who think that a bunch of wanna-be white boys are fit and hard. when it comes down to it, you all know that they a bunch of pussies, and have pussies themselves!!

also any rude boy wearing a puffer jacket with fur on the hood, and addidad tracksuit bottoms, hanging around the nearest pikey place in town, also known as blazin squads!
look at them blazing sqaud fukin twats drinkin from the same breezer bottle, cos they are 7years old, and been kicked out of school.
by Manny January 30, 2004

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