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Slang term shortened deriving from balls and ass. Often refering to an odor.
"Damn, it smells like BLASS up in here! Someone needs to wash there ass!"
by Steve-O July 05, 2003
Short for bootyliscious ass. Specifically referring to a bangin' white girls ass.
Damn! That Brit has the most Blass in London.
by mulletman February 10, 2012
an insulting term used for a person who is acting childish, arrogant, rude, or just plain annoying.
"yo, shes mad blass with it."

"that boys a straight up blass."
by aliandtoriTC August 16, 2009
A term that describes the rear end of an average african american female. Synonomous to ghetto booty or black-ass. Shape is usually round and large in diameter in proportion to the body.
J.Lo has a nice round blass to shake on that music video!
by Lam T. Ho August 01, 2007
Blow(s) Ass
That was some blass game.

That's Blass.
by Lazer November 27, 2001