Wores used to describe anything that is cool, awesome etc.

Dude your is pony is so blash

Aren't these new pants blashy
by TheJessica February 23, 2008
Top Definition
In homosexual culture.

When two "bottoms" or "subs" attempt to have sex, and fail, because neither of them can penetrate the other.
"dude, why didnt they work out?"
by Nate_StopTheBlash March 26, 2010
Abbreviation for: back-slash i.e. "\"

Used in verbal form to shorten the lengthen of file/folder descriptions
Go to C drive, and in the Program Files folder look for Microsoft Office blash Office14 blash Media.
by D-x January 01, 2013
(U.K.) Tea.

Word used in the British army during WW2.

Possibly related to 'blech', from from the German by way of Yiddish, word for tin or sheet metal, - a metal sheet used by many observant Jews to cover stovetop burners. Or perhaps to the German word 'platsch' or 'platschen', - a small puddle or splash.
I'm looking forward to a really good cup of blash!
by Britgurl August 27, 2010
1. Uttered when one is very excited.
2. Pure awesomeness.
3. A statement declared when you are about to exert your dominance on another.
1. Lebron went to the Heat! BLASH!
2. That dunk was pure BLASH.
3. Ima go John Wall on you. BLASH!
by BALLALLDAY305 July 14, 2010
The resulting mess of letters that comes out from beating on your keyboard
"ljkhgds;n8-2t0y0]824h laGsD"
"Wow nice blash"

by thejman85 November 07, 2006
The feeling (or laziness) associated with getting stoned, where you don't feel like doing anything; not even the most easy and beneficial tasks such as changing the TV with the remote or getting snax.
Man, I'm so blash I can't be fucked getting up to smoke another cone.
by Shogun Yeti July 13, 2009
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