1. Originally an expression of angst or confusion.
2. Sometimes also used as an explitve.
3. Has also been used as a universal word in place of any other word.
4. In some circles, Blarg has taken the upon the meaning of Nay, or No.
"All those in favor say Shoosh! Those opposed say Blarg."
"This is all Blarg" "All I have to say is, Blarg!"
by Thomual September 17, 2005
Interjection denoting certain demise.
"Blarg, I am dead." --Fighter
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
1. A combination of "blah" and "argh," generally used to describe boredom or frustration.

2. Boredom to the extreme of physical pain.
by Mobutu November 05, 2003
From the popular online series Red vs. Blue: Blarg means "yes"
"Alien, does blarg mean yes?"
"See, I told you blarg means yes."
by Chuklz320 May 09, 2006
The single greatest word in the history of the universe. Incredibly versatile, can be used in nearly any situation. Also, the exact opposite of hingo.
"Blarg! That was awesome!"
"Awww, blarg, that was terrible."
"Blarg is good."
by Gary August 28, 2004
n. an expression of complete boredum, or loss of enthusiasm.
"Blarg! This party is so boring..."
by Ross Ervin July 29, 2005
A word used when there is nothing else to say. It is a random word but can be used as often as you would like. It defines randomness and can be used during awkward moments. It can also be used as people who say random words at times or just people who are random in general which are known as blargers.
Julia continues to say playground out of nowhere all the time, she's a blarger.

*awkward silence* "BLARG!", Sharon yelled.
by Blarg Lovers April 03, 2011

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