Proving someone wrong.
You've just been blanked mate


I've been blanking him all day
by Dan Richardson September 16, 2005
Top Definition
The purposeful or accidental act of not acknowledging someone when they are trying very hard to get your attention.
Keith: Dan! Dan! Hey Dan! DAN!

Dan: ...

Keith: Dan! Dan!

Jones: He is so blanking you.
by gabe121212 January 30, 2008
To draw a blank; not being able to draw the information needed; the act of having writers block
Wow, I can't think of anything to post in my blog!
I'm blanking!
by Xane December 03, 2005
The act of stepping on someone's toes and micromanaging. Can be used in place of any other word (much like a fill-in-the-blank)
Quit blanking me, bro!

My boss is really blanking me today.
by Turbo1724 December 23, 2013
To put a blank between the last word of the sentence and the exclamation mark, to make the mark better noticeable.
A: I love you !
B: I love you too, but stop blanking, please!
by nameless nick October 23, 2011
To post a photo of a blank stare on someone's Facebook page or Twitter feed with no explanation except for the hashtag #blanking or #blanked
I wish Frank would quit blanking me.

He blanked me on Facebook last night, and I'm still freaked out.

Blanking is so much worse than duckface.
by TiggrRay February 04, 2015
when a male or female has their genitalia ILLEGALLY completely removed leaving only their urethral opening and a blank patch of skin where their genitals once were.
Guy 1: Dude...did you here what Sally and Tom did for their 20th Anniversary?

Guy 2: No...what?

Guy 1: Well since they are done having kids, they took a trip to Guatemala and had this doctor perform a blanking on both of them to show their commitment to each other.

Guy 2: Dude...that's crazy...
by Educated Perv February 20, 2009
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