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cuss out, dancing exceptionally well, dressing well.

The word Blankin orignated in Charlotte, NC and has spread rapidly throughout the south... You can use this word in various different ways such as...
1.Bruh keisha was blankin on dis gurl at da club yestaday!!!
2.I was blankin with my outfit man!!!
3.I was straight blankin on dat hoe dog!!!
by LM704 October 30, 2007
To yell or go off on somebody
"He was blankin on his girl for cheating on him"
by Stickerz June 20, 2006
A form of krumping where the dancer squats and does hand-motions while moving their legs.
Dude was straight blankin at the club, he killed the competition.
by R.J. Gaines January 20, 2007
To cuss somebody out. To act a fool(in a good way) to look good or cute!
1st example: Child! Did you see Lex blankin' on Sheca?
2nd example: At that party Mesha was blankin'
3rd Example: I'm blankin wit my outfit on today, ain't I?
by BigBootyHoe November 14, 2007
Something extremely bitchin, sick or cool. See Andy and Elliott for examples of blankin.
Damn Andy, that sweatshirt is hella fucking blankin
by Elliott Rosales May 01, 2008
Not just your ordinary ‘blanket’ but a blankin is much more special providing its extra comfort, and cuteness.
‘Pass the blankin, I’m freezing!’
by laurr_cakes December 12, 2007
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